Self soothe training to sleep

Hi mummies, does your baby need to be carried to sleep? When do u start to train your baby to self soothe to sleep? What method did u use and how long it takes for u to be successful?

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Super Mum

Baby’s not carried, just placed in bed. Started teaching self soothing at 2-3 months, by waiting a couple of minutes when baby called before picking her up. Also pat baby to sleep from 2 months-4.5 months old, so we didn’t carry her to sleep. Started cry it out method at 4.5 months, because previous methods, and other no tears methods didn’t work. Baby’s now 5.5 months old. Success rate is 100%, duration of whining or crying is variable, but when we time it well (awake interval and also looking at sleepy cues), there’s sometimes no crying at all, or whining/crying <10 minutes. She still struggles with day to night transition so she cries longer when putting her down for the first time at about 7pm. Other than that, it’s pretty fast during the day or in the middle of the night. No pacifiers or other tangible sleep aids at present, but we use white noise.

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4y ago

Thanks! I wanted to try the cry it out method but my mum said don’t let baby cry coz afraid will have wind in stomach 😂.