self soothe for 4 months old

Hi mummy how do your let your 4 months old baby learn to self soothe to sleep?

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Super Mum

Start by delaying the time you attend to your baby when baby cries. 2-3 minutes, then gradually increase the interval. During the day time, if baby wakes up but is not crying (assuming you’re watching from the baby monitor), leave baby alone first. Let baby self-entertain for a while, so they learn to be alone without being scared. All this is best done in a separate room, because if you’re there, baby becomes reliant on you to soothe them. Self soothing is pretty useful for baby to fall back asleep independently. For falling asleep, it also helps, but some of them need sleep training. You can go google the various methods of sleep training to see which one fits you and your baby the best:)

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