How do I respond to people who pressure me to wean my toddler? My mother-in-law is pressuring me to stop breastfeeding my 19-month-old daughter. She says she's too old to nurse and breast milk isn't good for him now that she's over a year old. They also think she behaves too much like a baby and is too attached to me because I nurse her. But we are just not ready to give it up. What should I do?

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19 months is a baby! they all are, and she is yours :) i know it makes you feel sad, especially as breastfeeding times with your baby is so so special. and breastmilk is great for your baby, always, so don't worry about're doing the right thing. i think your MIL is saying this coz she knows as your baby grows older, it will get difficult to wean. i bf-ed my first one till the age of 2, after which had to stop as i got severe cuts and infections. it was very difficult for me to see her begging for more while i couldn't feed. i suggest to avoid immense dependency, cut down the number of times you breastfeed so that your baby can wean off easily when the time comes. but it is only for you and your baby to decide when you want to stop feeding, don't let anyone make you feel pressured or bad about it. when it comes to being a mom, there's a lot you'll have to ignore from others, so start now :)

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that is ridiculous! your MIL, or no one for that matter, has the right to tell you when to stop. it is something that is for you and your baby to come to an understanding to, unless it is affecting one of you in any way. as long as your baby is having other foods and is not only asking for your milk, i don't think you need to stop. also, if you are fine and are not getting bitten or are at a risk of developing infection near the nipple area, i think there is no risk involved. she is a baby! and she will rightfully behave like one. please be firm with your MIL and tell her you will stop when you please, and that she should not talk to you about it again. and obviously your baby will be attached to you, this is the most natural bond in the world. so do what feels right to you and ignore all the rubbish. much love..

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There are a lot of mothers who are heckled to stop feeding their baby. I too was told to stop feeding when my son was 10 months old but I did not pay heed to anyone. It is very normal to feed the child upto 2 years of age after which you start to wean. You have to wean your child someday but do not let your MIL get to you. Tell her you will when you are ready. Mother's milk helps build your child's basic immunity so how can it not be good for her? Relax and enjoy motherhood :)

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Hi Mummy, Breastfeeding journey for toddlers past one year is normal. I know your mom in law not being supportive to the idea is giving you hard time. Perhaps you can explain to her the benefits of bf for toddler. Maybe print the benefits of bf for toddler and ask her to read. :) Or educate your hubby and ask him to tell his mother. Indirectly, ask your mom in law do not interfere you and your child from enjoying the journey.

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6y ago

Thank you! ill take note of that.

My MIL was trying to promote the formula she fed her children with from day1 baby was out. I explained to her just once that I would be exclusively breastfeeding. She's still trying to brainwash me(I don't know why) but I just politely ignore(I don't know if there's a polite way to ignore someone though haha!) My advice? You don't need to respond. The breastfeeding support in Singapore is terrible! Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you and baby enjoys doing :)

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Good for you, your baby is already 19months old when your in law told you to stop BF. My in law wants me to stop BF my baby when she was only a month old. They want her to drink the formula that they bought. I explained to them the benefits of BF but still they didnt listen. I just smile at them and continue BF my daughter. I also bought breast pump to show them that I am serious with BF.

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Good to bf until she is ready to wean. I can see the diff between my boy and my girl who is bf 3 mo vs 2 years when they start school. Although still fall sick but recovery faster. Explain to her nicely. Else just close one ear when she nag.

I'm in the same situation but good thing we don't leave with either of our parents so I just pretend to listen but at home, I still breastfeed my 1 and a half. For my youngest, I am going to breastfeed for as long as I can. haha...

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Ignore them.. You are the mum of your child.Breast feeding is a long journey and not easy for both. i think as you can breastfeed just go ahead and ignore what others say.