Baby Cries At Infant Care

Hi my baby is turning 1 year old soon. She's been in infant care for more than 3 months but everyday I send her she will cry and cling to me. My heart breaks to see it everyday. I try to reassure her that it's OK and I will pick her up soon but I don't think she can understand it yet. Does your baby also cry like that or is my girl too clingy? What can I do?

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This is the stage of maximum separation anxiety unfortunately (1yo). All you need to make sure is that she’s well taken care of at the infant care centre (no abuse, etc), and that’s all right. Once she starts seeing the teachers as familiar people, she won’t be so fretful anymore. Also, as long as she’s only crying when you drop her off (ie. She’s actually happy at the centre after that), it’s actually alright. She just wants to tell you she misses you. Hope things get better soon!

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4y ago

Thank you ☺️ I'm also slightly concerned about the quality of care at the school, don't think there's any abuse but I don't know if the teachers pay enough attention to her since there are a few smaller babies. She's OK interacting with strangers but not sure why she still doesn't get familiar with the teachers after months. Can only hope for the best 😣

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Following! I’ll be sending my girl at 3 months old too. I’m worried