I need advice on weaning a 4 year old off my breast.. on top of that, she needs to be hug like a bolster to sleep by me every night.. I am trying to give her a new sibling, so will really need her to wean off breast and also minimise night time hugging As I foresee it will be so difficult when I'm preg as the tummy jus gets bigger. I tried explaining to her that if she wants a new sibling, she has to give up her milk (my boobs) to the younger one, and she replied me then it's ok, I don Wan any didi Mei Mei anymore.. at times she will say things like didi Mei Mei like her to drink first... ?.. And becoz of this comfort latching and hugging, she's not sleeping through yet!! And she has never sleep through the night before since day 1. I'm very worn out as well. She's not taking any of our explanations too. I have people giving me advices to leave her with parents or in laws for a period of time to wean her off, but that's not workable as we do not have other help other than childcare services during the day time. It's Juz me and hubby to care for her. And my Husband needs to work during the evenings, and taking 1-2 weeks leave to wean her off at night is not possible becoz we do not have a lot of extra leaves, she falls sick easily and we need our leaves to keep her at home if she's not well, and not forgetting 6-8 days of sch closure in a year... we need to set aside that too.. I've really ran out of ideas...

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I understand the comfort latch and hugging too. Hugging wise is ok, once you are pregnant, your elder child will slowly understand too. Most importantly, you can still get pregnant even while breastfeeding. have you tried?

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5y ago

We did but not actively trying as I myself still feel unsettled and exhausted from her night latchings...

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is your period here? i managed to get preg even while breastfeeding

5y ago

you can try to 'make babies' my gynae is also a anti latching during pregnancy person. i am still comfort latching my #2 one at night even though my supply has dried up. Yes you will be tired. first of all, you need to find ways to give milk other then the boob. I offered my #2 fresh milk before bed. slowly he reduces his night time latching marathon.

i totally feel you! hang on tight mummy!