How heavy was your little one?

Was he/she bigger than you expected to be? ??

How heavy was your little one?
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My little one weigh 2.5, slightly lower than expected, but he is growing well now

1y ago

Hi may I know the reason why your little ones weight is low? Did you eat less during ur pregnancy?

1st - 2.715kg 2nd - 2.72kg 3rd - 3.12kg 4th - otw

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2.5kg. Just enough to escape incubation

3.3kg, yes bigger than expected

3.67 kg, 2.87 kg, 2.81 kg...

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2.2kg but born healthy! :)

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Nope he is correct weight

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3kg! Bigger than expected

2.1kg at birth 37w 6days

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3.12kg. Expected 3.5kg