My little one is 6 months. She is very active during bath time. How do you make your little one sit still through bath? Do you put them in bath seat? I am concerned because I am afraid he may just slip off from my grasp while bathing.

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I purchased the Fisher Price Sling 'n' Seat bath tub, and it has been my best buy to date. It comes with a detachable mesh bath sling for infants, and a detachable bath seat so you have both hands free to bathe baby instead of having to support him with one arm like in the traditional way. If she is unable to sit upright unassisted, then I do recommend that you get a bath chair to make bath time easier and safer. You could also get a bath chair and get more bath toys and bath books to keep her entertained.

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I can totally understand you mummy! You might consider using the bath seat which you can use with the bath tub or simply by placing it directly on the floor.

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You can use bath tub and put some bath toys in it for baby. It works for my kids to make them sit throughout.