My hormones and sanity is driving each other off the charts. Ever since my girl was born, the mil comes over every single day. And mostly wif her old people logic. I almost always smile and heed those i tink i wan or those tay r logical. Ultimately, i wan to bring up my child, our (husband n myself) way. Then comes solid food. She always say my food tasteless dats y my girl dun wan to eat n keep suggesting dat i use ready made chicken stock. Ive been making my own n it is actually very tasty sans all e salt n sugar. She always tinks dat whenever my baby reject me at times when i feed is bcoz I refuse to let her watch tablet. I let my girl cry it out when she is naughty instead of giving in to her all e time. I let my daughter learn abt nature.. Running thru leaves grass, playing with it. Mil tell her they r all dirty stuff. Now my girl refuse to walk on grass. My mil always tinks she is superior over me n my teachings. I dun reali care how she feel towards me or wat she tells e neighbours how i "abuse" my girl for smacking her palm n letting her cry it out. She gossips wif my maid, i oso let it slide. She always walk into my room n juz look n walk away. I dunno y. All her funny antics, i dun wan to care. How do i get her to back off and let me do wat i do n stop putting me down infront of my child? P. S No point telling e husband.

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Been through the same situation as you and my husband respect his parents a lot so I am left to handle them on my own. What I did is I told my PILs In front of my Husband that I understand their concerns towards my children but it is my children; they have their chance to parents their kids (which is my Husband) so now it is my turn. If we can't have their understanding and respect on my parenting style then I might have to stop visiting them or allowing them to come over often to avoid any conflict. To let them know I mean it I never visit them for months until they told my Husband they miss the kids and will "work" with us.

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5y ago

Exactly! They had their chance and now let me have mine rite? Sheesh..

same situation, but mine is my parents. My in laws side did say stuff too, I ignore and insisted my own way. I let my action tells my parents and in laws to back off. I don't care how they feel I only care about my LO, no time for drama. Is my LO I give birth to him so back off when I am in control.

Whenever an incident happens, did u try to on the spot talk to mil and explain to her? That could possibly be one of the way out. Most importantly u cannot lose ur cool, if not it will deem as ur fault for being disrespectful. Rule of the "game" is never lose your cool. Smile as much while explaining to her. :)

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5y ago

I did. With a smile. But aya u kw la.. They have an idea of their own n watever u say doesnt make a difference. It only adds on to more topic for them to bitch about at e coffeeshop wif the other aunties. Sigh

Totally know how you feel. I will just say her immediately. Sorry to be rude but I have a limit when it comes to my inlaws trying to meddling with my parenting styles.

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I just ignore. After awhile it will die off. It took me 2 years Try speaking out to your husband about it too.