Have you become close to your parents when you had your own family?

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No. We already have a strained relationship before, and when she found out I was pregnant, andami na nyang unsolicited advice. I know it comes from a good place but I'm just that kind of person who figures stuff out for herself, and ayoko ng may nangunguna about my personal life especially if wala naman syang alam. Long story short we're low contact and I'm less stressed because of it.

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Hello, Yes, I think I have become closer to my parents now as now I can feel what they as parents gone through while raising me up. I can relate to their situations, decisions etc. My bond with them has only strengthened with time.

Yes. There was a great improvement in our relationship, especially with my mom. Before, I used to do my own thing. Now that I'm also a mom, I always appreciate what my mom does for me, for the kids.

A lot closer. Primarily because we stayed at my mom's house for more than a month and she helped me in taking care of my baby. Then after that, she'd pay regular visits to us here in Manila.

Hello, I think that was always the same with me. Having my own family haven't changed things in anyway. They are as much supportive towards me as they had been when I was unmarried.

Yes. I became more mature and it opened doors for us to improve our relationship with one another. Of course, I think a great factor is the new baby in the family.

Yes we always have monthly family gatherings where siblings and parents from both sides get along.

Yes! Mas naappreciate ko din yung effort ng mom ko para sa akin.

Much closer😊 and respect and love them even more❤️