How do you handle pressure when your in laws even your parents compare your family to your siblings family ?

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I haven't experienced it yet but first of, there should not be any pressure or even comparison at all. If your parents truly loves you and understand each and every child's situation then when look down on one and be prouder to another? If it's going to be my in laws to do that then they'll probably hear this from me. As much as I hate comparison, I for sure won't create envy/jealousy in my own family. It's not healthy and most of all no one will benefit from doing so.

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This hasn't happen to me yet. But if ever it will, I will just shrug it off. I know that my sibling's family and mine are different, and I don't have to be envious of them.

I just smile and not say anything. It can be annoying at times but i just remind myself that my family's journey is unique and incomparable to other families.

Not exactly the same, pero sabi ng mom ko buti mabait yung panganay ko, and masungit daw anak ng kapatid ko. Nainis ako, sabi ko wag nya icompare yung mga bata.

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learn the art of deadma at ignore lang

ah nilalambing ko po