As Filipinos, we value close family ties so much but would you prefer living with your spouse's family or live in your own house? Why?

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I prefer having our own house. I stayed with my in-laws for more than a year and our relationship that time became rocky because of several issues with the in-laws most especially with the decision-making. My mother-in-law is very dominant and we oftentimes clash when it comes to raising my son. After a year we got our own apartment. It's just small but it was a big relief on my part. We also get to enjoy choosing our own furnitures, designing the house, doing the grocery. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against my in-laws. In fact, the advantage of living with them is that you have less expenses at home and mother-in-law can help you take care of the baby. But when it comes to building your own family, it would be much better to have a house of your own.

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We prefer to live on our own. There will always be mis understandings if the parents and kids (who have their own families) live under one roof. I personally experienced this. And, it will be too difficult to talk to your spouse if there's another person around.

Own house. That's what's written on the bible to leave and cleave.