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Found out I’m pregnant 3 days after my boyfriend broke up with me because he had already found someone else. Then I came back to the Philippines to continue my pregnancy but I informed my ex, as of the moment we are in constant communication regarding our baby (Name, baby stuffs needed, my hospital needs, and payments etc.). It’s just that I’m torn between moving on or maybe fixed our relationship because he told me to give him some time to think regarding his new relationship (he told me maybe he is just sad that I’m busy with my work and his not getting to much affection/attention from me before). Can you give me some advise? I just need to get this off my chest because it is causing me too much stress and I’m afraid I might give birth early because of this stress. (8months preggy) Thank you and more power mommies.

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I know things are really difficult for you right now, deciding on whether you should wait for your boyfriend or not. I know you are torn, but are more drawn to the idea of waiting for him, hence the stress you are experiencing. It's not wrong to dream of a complete family. Weigh your decisions carefully, and really pray to God to give you the courage to do what you must do. Think of what will benefit you and the baby. It's hard letting go of the person you love, pero just imagine if you'll easily accept him in you and your baby's life, tapos undecided siya. There will be no 100% assurance na things will turn around 360°. Na eventually, magbabago na siya. I know dilemma mo rin ang trust. Please focus on your little angel for now. Pag lumabas 'yan si baby, I believe makakalimutan mo 'yung guy, and getting back with him will be your last priority. Ipapangalan mo sa 'yo ang baby. Don't allow him to pick the responsibilities he only want to be responsible for. Mahirap na sanayin ang lalaki na hahayaan mo lang siya sa kung anong gusto niya. Don't let him take you and your baby for granted. Sa situation mo, mas hirap ka talaga. Ikaw ang talo, kasi alam niya na kahit hindi niya inaayos yung sa inyo, nandyan ka pa rin para sa kanya, always available. If he's asking for some time to think about his new relationship, let him. But while he's on the process, let him feel what it's like with your absence. Malay mo doon siya mas makapag-isip. Di ba ganon naman daw yun. Madalas marerealize lang ng tao yung worth ng isang tao o bagay pag nafeel niya yung absence non. And while you are also taking a break from him, pray really hard na marealize niya ang mga bagay-bagay. Madali lang naman na i-adopt ng baby ang surname ng boyfriend mo kung sakaling makapag-decide na siya. But until then, don't expect, and don't rely on him. Ipa-feel mo sa kanya ang bigat ng pagdedesisyon if it's you and the baby, or his new relationship. That it's all or nothing for him. Kaya mo yan. Kaya niyo ni baby 'yan. God bless you, mumsh! 💕

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Yes yes 💓

don't rush things. there are plenty of times for you to think about that. focus on yourself and the baby for now. you are thinking about it too much cause youre hormonal and you want to be with the father of your baby. clear your mind first before having a decision cause all of these will not just affect you it will affect also your baby. don't decide now when you are full of emotions.

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I don't recommend getting back with him. it was very selfish of him to leave you and blame you for being career oriented or simply working hard to take care of yourself. What's to guarantee he won't leave when the baby is born and you become preoccupied with taking care of your baby?

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Thats true. Gnyan gnwa ko. Hnd q na binalikan...

There's always a second chance my dear..don't stress yourself too much, you can feel it namn if he is sincere on fixing the relationship, we have instict as a woman.. relationship is not always a bed of roses it takes sacrifices a and patience in both sides.. good luck

Focus on yourself. Think of what is good for you. If he wanted to come back and give your baby, a good family, he would leave his current relationship for you and your baby. You have no time to stress about this stuff. Leave him if you must.

You answered ur question.. he already found someone else.. he is just there to support ur pregnancy and ur baby.. (im really sorry) move on ur top priority is u and ur baby.. everything will fall into place..

focus sa self at lalo na sa baby.. mahirap umasa sa wala lalo na og d pa sure pupuntahan! mas ok na about baby nlng topic nyo and all..

Focus on yourself and the baby. I am a solo parent too, dont think youre alone. Be strong and youll pull through :)