Venting out

Hello mommies. Not a question. I just want to vent out. So, awhile ago me and partner had an argument. I am not saying that I am right about this but this is very exhausting. I did something wrong in the past which I really regret after doing it (don't get me wrong I did not cheat). The reason behind it, it's because I want to pay back everything my parents did to me yet I disappointed them. I am 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant and currently living in my partner's condominium. He could not forget my ONE mistake. I told him hundred of times that it won't happen again yet we keep going in circles. He even told me that he doesn't trust me anymore just because of my one mistake for treating my family using his money. I even offer my money to pay him back for what I did but he don't want to accept it anyway but keep on bugging me for what I did. I know his money is from his hard work and It really stressing me out for spending the money for my family and he even want me to go back to work for us and for our baby but what will you expect to a pregnant woman like me? who will accept me? maybe he wants to see me struggling for our baby I just want our relationship to come to an end. It's very tiring. I don't see my worth anymore to him and I feel so trashy. I hope I get through this pain. and I am sorry for venting this out. I just couldn't sleep.

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go home na lang muna sa family mo. wag kna mag paalam.. mag work k n lng pag ka panganak mo.