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Home Medical Device

Meron po ba kayo ear thermometer?
meron ako mamsh nabili ko sa lazada


Moms ano pong batteries ang gamit niyo na safe sa bahay? Yung hindi sumasabog.
Energizer or everyday ok Naman sya

Beauty Tips & Products

Ano po tried and tested pampa maintain ng beauty niyo? Tips and products po. TIA
inom ka lang ng maraming tubig , nakakapag glow sya ng skin

Postpartum Depression

Who among you experienced this? How did you cope? Who helped you?
Hi. I experienced it. It was so bad that I did not want to touch my baby. On top of that, I was in pain. Luckily, my family was supportive, and talking to a counseller helped.

Tubal Ligation Reversal

Meron na po ba sa inyo nagpa tubal ligation reversal and naging preggy po ulit? TIA
May friend akong na pa TLV mag 2 years na sya sis dipa naman sya nabuntis sis.

The Truth About Santa

I taught my kids that Santa isn't real. My mom says I'm spoiling the fun. Thoughts?
your kids, your rules. 😉

Mandatory PT

What do you think about mandatory pregnancy test for female med students in College?
Shouldn't be a problem.. as long as when someone is positive, the school should offer proper guidance and counselling. The school should be able to to keep and handle it in a private manner for the w

Solo Parent

Any solo parents here? 🙋‍♀️🙌
Hands up 🙋🏻‍♀️