For Filipino moms and dads, in this day and age, do you still practice the use of "po" and "opo" and teach your kids to do the same?

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Yes, I still use those words to affix to my sentences addressed to an older person especially to Ma or Pa. I'm also teaching my daughter to use those words. Everytime she forgets, I repeat her sentence and add "po" at the end. Then she'll say it correctly (politely) then. For me, since we still instill such values to our kids and a lot still practice it PLUS the media tries to showcase it may it be thru the radio, tv ads or news reporters and show hosts talking to people with authority use the words "oho" "ho" or "opo" we Filipinos would be able to preserve that part of our own culture. And I think that's something to be proud of. Something only FilipiKNOWS. Hehe ;)

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Yes, we still do. The funny thing is even when my daughter speaks in English she doesn't forget her "po" and "opo" . There was a time when a grand aunt told her not to say "po" and "opo" anymore. I was surprised at my daughter's reply. She said, "La (name of the grand aunt), Daddy and Mommy told me to always say "po" and "opo" to older people." That was a proud-mommy moment for me.

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Yes, we definitely do. Hubby and I are both raised to value and pay respect to our elders and we also pass this to our kids. I believe that using po and opo is a very beautiful tradition and has a significant role in identifying us being Filipinos. We also keep on reminding our kids to do mano as a sign of respect to us and to their relatives and elders.

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I plan on teaching my son as soon as he's old enough to talk. Other than it being part of our tradition of being respectful to our elders, it is part of our Filipino language. As much as i'd like for him to be able to speak good English (and maybe other languages and Philippine dialects), i'd also like for him to appreciate Filipino :)

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We haven't tried it since my kids weren't taught to speak in Filipino yet. But eventually, I really plan to expose them to the Filipino language so when they go to school, they won't have a hard time communicating with their peers. I would definitely teach them the use of 'po' and 'opo' especially when talking to older people.

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Yes, of course. Aside from it being part of our culture, it is also a way to teach kids how to respect not only family members, but also other elderly people that they will meet in the future.

When using the Filipino language, yes. It's still always good to impart to our children the Filipino tradition that we have, especially when showing respect to the elders.

Of course! :) It's a simple way that we can show our respect for our elders. Plus, it's a very Filipino thing, I think we're the only nation that has that tradition.

Yes, we make it a point for our kids to say it as often as possible. Whenever they forget saying them, we just simply ask again and say "ano po ulit?"

Yes, definitely. It's such a simple way (2 letters that any toddler can pronounce!) to instill respect for elders in our children.