One of the Filipino family traditions is to go to church with complete attendance on Sundays. In this day and age, do you still manage to do this with your family?

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Yes. It’s not just a tradition for our family. It’s our thanksgiving for the everyday blessings. We brought our baby to hear mass when he was 2 months old until now he is 33 months. I would just like to share that my son knows how to pray the Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Prayer before meal and Angel of God Prayer and now he leads the prayer in our family. He is looking forward to hear mass every Sunday. 🙂

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We prefer going to church on weekdays. Mas solemn, di gaanong matao, and mas may available na parking space. But most of the time, max of 2x a month lang kmi nakakapunta ng church to attend a mass kasi minsan hindi n namin nagugustuhan yung sermon ng priest kaya we make sure na lang na we drop by anytime we can para magpray and maglight ng candle. ^

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Oo naman yaan ang hindi namin kinakalimutan above all things. It's a greay way of worshipping and thanking the Lord for all the Blessings that He has given us. It's also a great way para maging religious din ang mga anak natin.


We can't make it na. Especially now that may mga trabaho na. Pero sa province pag di ka nakapagsimba. Big deal. I mean, tatanungin ka bat di ka nakasimba, kung may sakit ka ba o ano. Kasi parang family na rin yung turingan.

We attend service every other weekend with my in-laws, and yes no fail we're complete. With my side of the family though (Catholics), we live far from each other (majority lives in the US) so this is impossible.

We try our best to go to church every Sunday and when we go out, complete naman kami all the time. If one member can't go, then we'd rather stay at home.

Yes na oobserve pa namin ang filipino family trait na yan. Weekly kami nagsisimba at after ng service ay mamamasyal at kakain na din kami sa labas.

Sadly, no. But it is our goal ni hubby to hear mass when the kids get older. What we do nowadays is visit the church, light a candle and say a prayer

Whenever we go to church, complete talaga kami. My husband and I have to be there kasi 2 kids din ang dala namin so we're always complete.

As much as we can we go to church on Sundays, if we cant we just pray at home na lang