I've noticed that Filipino kids nowadays often greet their parents casually (either by saying "Hello Mama/Papa" or hugging and kissing them on the cheeks). I wonder, do you still practice giving "mano" to the elders and teach your kids to do the same as a sign of respect? Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/194358540144179051/

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We still practice such in our family - both mother and father side. But it's weird that my sibs and I just do that traditional gesture to all our aunts, uncles, lolos and lolas but not to our parents themselves. I dunno what happened but we used to do that to them as well like up until high school? But just when we became older, we just hug and kiss them. Anyway, it's still a sign of respect and I guess it even helps me express my feelings towards them without the need to say those 3 "cheesy" words - a more intimate gesture I can say. But to preserve the tradition and to not let my daughter grow skeptical towards doing it to our relatives (cos my mom will for sure ask her to do so to her other lolos and lolas in the province) I already taught her how to do it as early as when she was 8 mons old and yes, she learned. ;)

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I'm not Filipino but this question is fascinating because the mano is really similar to hand-kissing or "salam" in the Malay culture. In both you use your right hand, do it when you see your elders and it's a sign of respect. I still salam my elders and I think it's important to keep the tradition when I have kids. I will definitely teach them and you should too. It's ok to hug and have Western greetings but at the end of the day, I find that Asians have soooo many unique ways of showing respect, it'll be a waste not to preserve them :)

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Yes, we do. As early as possible, children in our family are thought how to "bless" or "mano". They do that as they greet not only the family members but also our friends whom they call titos and titas. They always love how the little kids (1+ and 2 year olds) are accustomed to this greeting and showing respect.

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She knows how, she would hold hand pa nga bago itungo ulo nya to mano. Pero now since pandemic.. hangga’t maaari.. umiiwas na muna kame lalo if galing sa labas yung tao. Parang we do this only paggabi yung kami kami lang ang asa bahay.

Yes..I taught this especially to my youngest brother since im the eldest.. and were instructed to pay respect to elderly people not just to our parents, especially during family reunion, in which not all elderlies are related by blood.

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my son know how to mano. everytime makikita nya lolo/lola nya magnanano sya. pati mga ninong at ninang nya. last xmas my relatives teases me pa nga kase pinraktis ko daw si baby ko magbless. hehehe. but im proud he knows how. ♥️

Oh definitely! I make sure my kids know how to pay respect to their lolos and lolas and even to us. They still do mano and say po and opo. I believe it is a tradition that we all should practice as Filipinos.

Oo naman, kung ano nakikita sa parents un ang gagawin nila so in a way pagtuturo na sa kanila un. Tinuturuan namin ung anak namin magmano at magpo at opo. Bago cya mag 1 marunong na cya magmano.

Samin di po kami pinalaki ng mga magulang namin na ganyan pero pag dating po sa mga apo nila pinapraktis po ng nanay at tatay ko at soon dito din po sa bulinggit na nasa tummy ko...

Yes, we still do. We teach our daughter by showing her an example. I'm glad and grateful that our daughter knows how to "mano" or "bless" the hands of elders.