Pinoy moms, do you still teach kids the act of "pagmaMANO" when greeting elders? Some of my brother's in-laws keep criticizing him for not teaching his kids, who were raised in the States, this habit.

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I believe it is still a must to teach this gesture of showing respect no matter how our culture has evolved through the centuries. I must admit, we were never taught of this when we were young. And now, as I observe my cousins do this to my parents or other elder family relatives, it blows me off on how sincere and respectful it implies as an act of love and respect.

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We still do the "pagmamano" specially for those oldies, like our lolo and lola, and kisses to our parents. We do not do the pagmamano on my father's side though, so maybe what I will not forget to teach my kid is the respect when it comes to words like the "po" and "opo".

Yes, especially to the elderly. We teach both the "pagmano" and kiss to loved ones. It's still nice to inculcate Filipino values to our kids even in modern times.

yes definitely po. Yung iba medyo oldies they find it very respectful ang pagmamano, while if medyo young pa po mas ok ang kisses. :)

We still do. :) It is one of the many beautiful tradition that we Filipinos should practice and teach/pass on to our kids.

Yes. As to show respect to our elderly. Its a good Filipino tradition that i am teaching to my 10-month old baby girl

We do. We want the good Filipino traditions like this to be passed on to the next generation.

we still do until now..kissing and then "mano"..