Food to avoid while breastfeeding

Any food other than alcohol, spicy food to avoid? Can I eat sashimi? Baby is 2 months 15 days as of today. In her first month, I had fresh milk boba bubble tea and fresh milk (both cold). Not sure if due to that baby had soft watery stool. Is it not advisable to drink milk? How about soy milk? TIA

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Baby shld have soft watery stool. Bb poo shld nv be solid until 6monof age (started weaning). You can eat everything lah haha. Just in monderation! Contact your pd if bb poo is concerning

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Spicy food and sashimi are both OK! Soft watery stool is normal but if you see other symptoms like rash, irritability, phlegm etc it could be intolerance or allergy to milk.


Best to avoid any raw food while breastfeeding ... what you avoided during pregnancy are the same things you should avoid during breastfeeding

Most food is ok, but there are some food that I read online will reduce supply! Maybe you can search and take a look at it?

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Mostly what you cant take during pregnancy is what you cant take during bfing. But i would say eat in moderation is fine

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Hi mummy, I'm eating everything in moderation except coffee, tea and alcohol. Im eating sashimi as well... :)

No sashimi. Monitor baby's stools and if it still looks unusual, try cutting out the soy milk from your diet.

Thanks for the assurance! I will take moderately. :)

all okay - in moderation! except alcohol

Try not to eat cabbage. Can dip supply