Spicy food and breastfeeding

Can I eat cili padi and breastfeed? Can my lo take the spicy level or best to avoid spicy food or eat them but pump out and discard the milk?

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I took less spicy and wait a while to feed. One time I eat my usual spicy level and latch immediately after, baby had wet poo. My usual spicy level is spicy until my head is numb. So don’t do that LOL.

I heard it’s good to expose babies to different tastes through breast milk so they’ll be less picky eaters next time! But also not too extreme la!

Can take spicy food during breastfeeding but in moderation because what you eat will be what is the taste of your breastmilk :)

Can try feeding ur baby and see whether he is ok with it. Some babies dont like the taste

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Hi... you can take spicy food even though you’re breastfeeding. Have a 3 hours interval

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To me, I feel is fine. I eat spicy food too while breastfeeding.

I did and feel It’s fine

I did but in moderation

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Can but not too much

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I took less spicy