How did you feel when you went for your first ultrasound?

Share with us how you felt during your first ultrasound ??

How did you feel when you went for your first ultrasound?
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Excited and nervous! And still in disbelief after seeing my baby on the screen. But it's too bad and unfortunate that my husband couldn't be in the room to share the joy.

I was so angry. My friend passed and i was grieving. I felt i wasn’t supposed to be alive. Yet, i was carrying a baby. I felt like it was an insult to her

I was teary eyed. Both in happiness and sadness, as my husband was outside, and have to miss this special occasion due to this current situation. :(

Super nervous because of all the stories I read and hear. So so afraid I wouldn’t see anything. Or any heartbeat. But when I saw it, OH MY HEART!

Heard my little one's heart beat. It make me excited for whole day and i was expecting and welcome for his delivery to this world.

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Im really amazed to see my baby’s 1st look , can’t say it in words .. I am just thankful to be a mom ..

I was teary eyed the first time I heard my baby’s heartbeat. It was so surreal. 😍

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Superb excited the previous whole day did not SLEEP hahahahaha

Super excited and cant wait to see my baby ❤❤❤❤

was a little nervous but anticipating what’s to come