Your baby is a ...

Share with us how you felt when the gender of your baby was revealed?

Your baby is a ...
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No preference of gender but I'm having a baby girl. The sad part is only that my MIL doesn't seems excited for us at all and only focus on my bro-in-law's son. Before his arrival, she even handmade a bean sprout pillow for him but my EDD is nearing and she's not even showing like she will make one for our baby girl..... oh wells

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Me boy or girl (I was FINE) after my gender scan meet up wif our god daughter & when I told her it was a baby girl & turn around to look at my hubby His EYES WERE FILLED WIF TEARS OF JOY & HE TOUCHED MY TUMMY & SAID A THKS TO JESUS & MAMA MARY ;))))

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Delighted 🥰 Honestly, I would have been happy regardless of the gender, but seeing/hearing it still made me so happy

Having twins, a boy and a girl. So i’m absolutely thrilled to have the best of both worlds! Can’t wait 🥰

I guessed the result pretty early in the process. My hubby is over the moon for a few weeks!

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Shocked as wanted a girl but it's a boy.. But it's good having a boy, he seems less fussy

wanted a boy, but got a girl. however as long as baby is healthy its all that matters!

had my doctor repeat the gender and husb was there cheering alone.

My instinct is right even my hb wished to hv bb boy first

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Happy for a moment, after that feels nothing.