papa and daddy wich one your little call

When did your little one call you Papa or daddy for the first time? How did you feel?

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the day my baby said papa i made a recording and sent it to my husband. he called immediately and spent the next few minutes trying to let baby say it over and over again over the phone. he was just so so happy :)

My guy best friend told me that he started tearing when his son called him Papa for the first time hahaha. It's so sweet to hear but imagining a buff macho man cry as he held his baby is pretty surreal.

i am not sure exactly when, but the excitement and happiness that my hubby felt was too sweet. he would try to make the baby say it over and over again :)

Actually i don't know when the first time is because my boy keeps babbling Manama. so i don't know if he knows what it means. but i still feel so happy!

Being called daddy for the very first time actually brought tears to my eyes - what a wonderours moment indeed

waiting for that magical moment - right now my daughter called me dada !

When she called me daddy, it the best thing happen in my life

That feeling was awsm whn a baby start saying papa or daddy

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my husband was like oh. good lor. totally ruin the mood!