How did you feel when you went for your first ultrasound?

Share with us how you felt at that moment.

How did you feel when you went for your first ultrasound?
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Actually I feel nothing, a little curious and surprised to see. And abit of “what do we do nowww, it is real now” but no tears or overwhelming joy. Start to think if I am so unfeeling 😂😂😂 but everyone’s emotions are different. I am just very practical..

Very nervous,but its all worth it cause i get to see my baby's heartbeat and his/her waving like he/she knows that i can see what he/she is doing

Seeing the fetal pole was exciting. Seeing it 3 weeks later with a head and body made me cry in happiness and I thought "oh, that's my baby!"

Really nervous cos my last ultrasound showed a miscarriage at 10 weeks Pregnant again, but every ultrasound is nerve wracking for me

Extremely nervous but its okay i get to see my little one getting excited in my tummy for no reason at all

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Nervous and excited The moment that I saw my LO, and the heartbeat... I felt this overwhelming joy 🥰

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Quite nervous actually. Saw Dr on w6. Wonder if i will see a sac or two for mine was done via Ivf.

Mixed emotion , super excited , at the same time nervous , and then cried after i saw the heartbeat

I cried when I heard baby’s heartbeat for the 1st time because it was so surreal! 😍

excited! got to know when I was 3 months pregnant coming to 4 months.