How long did you wait to see your baby after giving birth?

Share with us how you felt when you saw your baby after labour ??

How long did you wait to see your baby after giving birth?
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She came out at 10:49am, I was under GA for emergency c-sect. After that had to be warded in High Dependency Ward as I developed pre-eclampsia post-pregnancy. Only managed to see her at 6pm, that’s 7+hrs in person. Saw her pics first about 2hrs after she came out. It was surreal.. who is this little person who carries my blood in her.. 😭

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The most precious gifts. My life is complete. My 3 is my Life, the other is my Soul and one in Heaven my heart he holds...

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Right after delivery, but they took her after showing to me and started to stitch the area..thy showed to my hubby and parents..

Immediately after emergency csert, did skin to skin bonding for a few minutes

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A few hours as i had csec under GA A bit surreal that he's suddenly there

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managed to see her immediately and have skin to skin time 😁

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Baby 1: 4hrs (she had to go to ICU) Baby 2: immediate

immediately while still on the operating table


Couple of hours cause I did emergency csec

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Immediately! We did skin to skin contact