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My ex hus hasn't seen the child almost 2 years. He left me and my child when she was only 1 years old and few months. My ex hus text me saying that he wants to meet my child. I don't know how my child going to react and I don't know what to do. I am so afraid, coz he was abusive towards me. My ex left us because he has a mistress, and all of a sudden he wants to meet my child as he only given twice a month visitation for 2hr only to see the child. (Supervised) Hmmm

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I think it should be ok. Let them meet but also have a family and friend close by just in case.

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meet him in a public places, if not, bring your close friends or loved ones w you.

If i, i wouldn't even let him see my child. Period. He doesn't exist.

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I wouldn meet him up at all. If he chose to leave, leave for good.

Let him meet your kid. What's the worse that could happen?

In a public area and with close family members with you.

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If there’s no need, I won’t want to meet him.

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Don’t let your LO meet him. He’s dangerous.

Try to do in a public place surround by people

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I wouldn't meet him or let the child see him