hello everyone,im in a dilemma.. Im in my 20th week of pregnancy,and my mood not in a stable having problem with my husband who the one should support me,even i already explain to him my situation n made him understand but seems ntg had change and im in a stress...we had a lot of arguments even infront of my in-law i made a decision to stay away from them by rent a room near to my working place.Currently stayg with in-laws,i feel very stress wenever i see my husband,i cried every scat this will influence the baby...

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Tulis jawapan
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Hi mommy. I was in the same boat too. But I got mad at my 1st baby instead. I stay with my parents for a week to avoid stress. It will go away but for now pls bare n avoid anything that will stress you out..

5y ago

Tq for the advice