Hi everyone How to deal with a husband who loves to argue and thinks he is right?

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But why he like to argue? Nobody with a healthy mind likes to cause hurt/distress to others. Maybe he needs some special attention or he just wants u to follow him. Maybe the more u resist, the more he feel he should prove to u then more arguing will happen. Maybe just follow him. Walking away is the easiest method. Follow him and see where it leads. Maybe u will be surprise by the results.

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I have a similar issue. To avoid quarrelling, I will just acknowledge his opinions and let things cool first. When we are both calm, I will bring up the topics and talk through it as clear headed as we can. Hope my method works for you~

Either argue back or walk away and wait until he calms down and discuss it calmly and rationally. If this doesn't reduce arguments over time then have a deeper chat with him - you never know, he may feel the same way you do!

If you are not the arguing type then walk away and say you will discusd it later. Not all of us are good at arguing so if thats not you avoid it if at all possible.

I will just ignore and don’t escalate things further. Once we both are settled down and moods’ ok, we’ll usually talk things out

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Back away and walk away. I have the same husband type with you. I gave up trying to argue with him.

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Keep quiet and don't tell him so much if you don't want him to argue


Keep quiet, no point argue Proof him wrong whenever there's chance

I walk away then roll my eye at him when he didnt see.

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I'll just keep quiet and walk away, no point arguing.