not feeling touchy since pregnant

Ever since found out pregnant I lost my interest in sex or being cuddly cuz I feel so conscious of my body cuz I feel so fat. Husband is sweet tho he never asked for it cuz I always complain I have morning sickness and boobs sore and tender. He's so patient and kind with me. When I admitted is cause I haven't been feeling it he is also very sweet about it. But in the end he is still my husband I don't want to restrict him just because I'm pregnant. Is this normal? What can I do to gain my confidence back during pregnancy. I only in first trimester but already gained weight.

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It's normal in the first trimester. I'm 18 weeks now. My morning sickness then was so bad I didn't even bother about sex. Difference is, your husband would still be interested. My husband is hardly is. Lol. Anyway, take it easy. Ocne you feel ready for sex.. You can always entice him with a new lingerie or sleep wear. I would get us size ones. They do have nice sexy ones. Try a new perfume when your going to bed. Or a new body lotion that may catch his attention. Or if you are bold enough, just dive right in, in the middle of a tv show. Lol

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Its normal.. Dont feel alone. Good thing he is so understanding about it. I know how you feel, its your task to satisfy him but you are not enjoying it. I talk to my hubby and told him how i feel about my body, i think his cuddles made me felt no matter how fat am i he still loves me, it gives me confidence. And of coz i have to slim down after pregnancy too. Arghh.. I told him to wait for me after pregnancy to give him an unforgettable night hahaha.

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It's okay, nourish yourself and baby first you can loose wait later also but this is the best time you can eat anything demand to eat anything and tell the reason baby wants to eat 🤣I did with my husband

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It’s normal to feel a bit insecure because of the body fat/ changes. I also feel like that. But it’s good that your hubby doesn’t give u any pressure/ very understanding.

It’s normal and gd that you both had chatted about this. As long as both are ok without sex there can still be other forms of intimacy.

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I think it should be normal. I only had sex 5 times ever since i got preg. Hub understand what im going thru and doesnt force me to.

It’s normal. Talk to your Husband. It’s just temporary and so your hubs should understand too

It's normal to feel insecure about your body. Is good that your husband understand you.

My hubby didnt want sex because he cant get used to my big tummy 😅

Its normal, i only had one sex during my first n second trimester