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I don't know what should I feel exactly. I don't have anyone to share so I only can share here. Hope I not being annoying here. If I do, I'm sorry in advance. Today supposed to be fun day since it's weekend. I know that. But this morning when waking up I not feeling well. I been vomitting since yesterday even though I in my 27weeks. Due to not feeling well, my husband and I unable to go out and have fun with family. So he being unhappy with me for that. I thought he will took concern or taking care of his pregnant wife who is unwell. But instead he unhappy for not being able to go out and have fun. I feel so hurt for that. He say he love me and our unborn child. But I don't feel that from him. I really feel so lonely. Not once he ask me how I feel, whether want anything. But he with his bad mood. I don't know what should I do. Maybe if I gone, he will be happy cause no burden left.

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Please don't think that way. Once your baby is born, you will be thrilled to see such a cute, tiny human being. Men cannot understand how tiring and awful it can be to be pregnant! Hmm... if you are in good terms with your mil, maybe you can get her to speak with your husband? Or you many want to consider attending antenatal classes together with your husband so he can have a better understanding? hang in there!!

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Oh dear. I hope you don’t think this way and don’t worry you are not annoying. Maybe he is just disappointed about the impromptu changes and that he cannot go out. Have a good talk with your husband. Sometimes pregnancy hormones play a part too