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It's been 2 weeks since I gave birth to my second child. I gained more than 15kg but I'm very easy to lose weight like very very easy and my husband don't like it. He prefers me to be chubbier. My ideal weight is 50kg. During first pregnancy, I gained 10kg and lose it back without even trying. Second pregnancy, I shoot up to nearly 70kg but I am currently 58kg now and it's only been 2 weeks since the birth. My husband kept complaining that I look like a skeleton and when I asked him to apply some tummy cream, he even got shocked by my stomach. It's very flat... it's like I never give birth before but he told me that he can even see my bones. Honestly, I'm not that skinny but he just prefer those chubby girl with round cheeks, above average body. My body are more to athletic body... I just look fit which I don't know if I should feel proud about it since my husband doesn't like it. I tried to eat more but I couldn't gain much. I'm not underweight though...

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Super Mum

Hey mama, it sounds like you feel happy about your body and body confidence is a great thing! Have you tried speaking with your husband and telling him how his comments make you feel? Although we’re married to each other, I feel the essence of being in a happy marriage is being happy ourselves. We’ve chosen to be with someone else to walk the path we’re on with that someone as a companion - we don’t necessarily have to walk the same path as them. I hope I’m making sense. What makes you happy might not be what makes him happy but because you feel positive about your body, that makes you a happy wife and a loving wife - even a great mama! Do talk to each other, sometimes we take each other for granted, thinking that the other can read our minds when they really can’t. I hope this helps.

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