hi mummies! just want to know if anyone here drinks plain water daily during confinement? it is ok to drink right? and also wearing short sleeves shirt & shorts(with fan on but doesn't blow directly at me)instead of long sleeves😂

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I didn’t really follow the confinement rules (I think I’m a rebel). I drank both water and red date tea. If I don’t drink water, no breastmilk to feed my baby 😅 drinking only red date tea also too heaty for me and gave me a sore throat and cough. I took 2 showers every day (morning and night) and washed my hair twice daily because the weather is so insanely hot and also because I’m direct latching my baby so I’ve got to keep my body clean and dry. I shower with the herbal water in the day and warm water at night but I always dry my hair thoroughly after that. After showering with the herbal water, I’d rinse it off because the herbal water gave me an allergic rash 🤷🏻‍♀️ I wore my husband’s army PT kit because how not to, weather so hot! I turn on the aircon at night. I still sit in front of the fan directly because I’m always so sweaty. Anyway, I don’t believe in the traditional school of thoughts regarding confinement. The westerners don’t have confinement but they are fine too 🫢 I just believe in getting adequate rest, staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet. But you do you, do what you feel is best for you.

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Well it depends on how strict u wanna follow the confinment rules. My mom say strictly no plain water only red date tea. Eat medicine also can take red date tea. I heard that they say plain water is cooling. First few days back home i wear long sleeve and pants but it was so damn hot. Unless u aircon all the way then long sleeve. I just wore normal home clothes after that. I bathe everyday (hair only wash once a week), sleep in aircon every night (not blowing directly at me)

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I do drink plain water and red dates tea during confinement . I only wear long sleeves and long pants with socks for first 2weeks and now I’m back to t-shirt and shorts fr 3rd week onwards. I’m also sleeping in aircon room as bb feels hot without it. So far so good . But it still depends if u need to follow strict rules anot 🤭 Jiayou all mummies

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As per my PP massage aunty, yes drinks lots of water help in detox, hydration. But wearing shorts and shirts with fan on aint good. They believe in wind will enter your body (pardon me if the sentence seems funny) But you are highly advice atleast 3/4 pants, long tops and socks with home sleepers on. To keep you warm.

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I guess it really depends on how ‘strict’ of a confinement you wanna have? For me, food wise I only have grilled, soupy or steamed food. Drinks wise, I still have some plain water aside from no cold drinks. I wore socks the first few days only and wearing 3/4 home dresses at home with house slippers

I drink lots of plain water as red date tea is way too heaty for my body. I did not follow strictly with the “rules” such as not going out or only eating confinement food or cant blow aircon/fan 😂

I think drink in moderation esp if you are BM as it will get thirsty. Also, too much water may cause water retention too.. so no hard and fast rule.

yes, i did. it helped relieve my swollen feet.