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Can mummy stay in air con during the confinement period? Is blowing fan allow?

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My MIL dont allow fan. My dad insisted i stay cooling, especially when i bring my lo to the polyclinic for his jaundice test. 😂 So its no direct fan i supposed but aircon is ok. I on the aircon 24/7 during my confinement.

I basically stayed in an air-conditioned house because family members and visitors all couldn’t stand the heat. But my mum was firm on NO fan and I wore socks to keep my feet warm.

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I slept in air conditioned room. During the day, I stayed in the living room with ceiling fan. I think so Long as your hair is dry, exposure to fan is fine.


Of course mummy can stay in aircon. It is too hot in Singapore to live without aircon. As for blowing fan, I let it blow to the wall and not directly at me

Our fan is directly above our bed so i dont have a choice unless i wanna wake up all sweaty. 🤷🏻‍♀️ so it should be fine

OK to aircon. For fan, suggested not to blow direct (you can aim it at the wall so that the wind will bounce off)

I did Both aircon and fan Though MIL screamed and said no half the time But with the weather so hot cannot la!

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My MIL and mum allows me to stay in aircon room but not having fan blowing directly during confinement

I can't stand without fan or aircon. So I use fan in the day and Aircon during sleep. 🙊

just don’t catch a chill. avoid strong direct wind from both. enjoy your confinement!