Does your maid take afternoon nap? Do u allow?

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My aunt previous maid does take afternoon naps. But.... If she take naps and does the house work tip top and everything could be done with no one complaining. Then should be fine. If she takes nap and the work she does is lousy, then something to think of though. If the nap is worth it .

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No napping for current. I let my previous maid take afternnon nap.. In the end she took for granted and insist to rest even if work nt done. So it's nw a no no for me. If need be i would rather let her sleep early.

Depends what time she wake up and start doing housework. If 6am I will allow 1hr nap to 1hr 30min. I myself work up at 6am sometimes 11.30 - 1 pm keep yawning at work. I try to use my lunch time nap 30mins.

If maid is given full and proper rest from 10pm to 7am.. nap not neccessary. Howevrr if maid help out at night to take care baby, i would say nap is neccessary

They all took advantage and slept so long or was on the phone. No answers to our calls for help. After the 4th one, we didn't allow anymore


A short nap can help give boost of energy to help maid perform her job. Her task is not a 9-5 work so you must give some time to rest

Yes, helpers wake up 6am n work til 10pm.. they deserve breaks too, as long as their work is complete, we dont really bother much.

As long as she has completed her tasks in the day, I don't mind her resting in between. I mean, we do take breaks now and then.

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Yup. She’s shy to ask but I tell her to go nap if she needs to, especially if I know that the baby kept her up too late.

I suppose rest is fine but no napping. Even for ourselves during working hours we alsondont nap during office hours