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What plus plus you give your maid over salary? First time hiring, want to know from ladies who know.

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Sorry to be cynical but we have treated our previous helpers relatively well, give angbao during CNY and give allowance around $5 a meal to da Bao food, not demanding they cook simple meal for themselves when they only need to settle their own meal.. but none bother to show appreciation. Both my helper stay only 1 year, making me incur excess fees of at least over $2.5K in hiring new maid.. give maid too much freedom in terms of letting them use HP, they tend to abuse... sigh... so my advice is don't really bother. Just treat her normally. They tend to leave after one year anyway. If you give her extra incentives, hoping she will appreciate and stay the whole contract or do a better job, then u may be in for a disappointment ya.. anyway just prepare yourself for that and don't expect anything if you want to give extra things.

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It is really up to you. Usually, a small ang bao during CNY, another for the festival your helper celebrates, a gift for her birthday and christmas (if you celebrates christmas) etc. It's the thought that is important. If you think that she is doing a good job and deserving of a token of appreciation, you can also give her a performance bonus or treat her to a good meal or some benefits that she will like. :)

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My helper is from Indonesia so I give her during Hari Raya. Not a huge bonus, usually about $200. But I also let her go home once a year and pay for her flight tickets back. They help us all year round. They deserve a break and some appreciation.

It's individual preferences. For me, there will be Ang bao during cny, mini birthday celebrations on her bdae like getting a cake and present for her, small gift during Christmas and a little Ang bao for her new year.

We give gift or ang bao on her birthday and during Christmas. If there's a milestone in her life like her getting married recently, my husband and I decided to give red packet for her and her groom.

Buy her phone cards when she does well and celebrates her birthday with us but keeping simple with just a cake plus small gift. Angbaos for cny and extra off days once in a while when her performance is good.

Our maid is an Indonesian - we give cash on hari Raya as well as on CNY. She takes great care of my son and he likes giving her a present on her birthday. We also give a small present on Christmas.

We bring her to birthday dinner, give her ang bao on new year and also gifts on Christmas. On ad hoc basis she goes on family meals with us or trips to tourist attractions.

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We give between about 2 months salary as bonus - broken out thru out the year on her birthday, cny, new year, Hari raya and diwali

Nothing plus plus as such !! My maid works for the first half of the day so I give her breakfast and lunch complimentary