what should i do?

Doc request that I count baby kicks starting last Saturday. Until yesterday baby is still very active, and kicks more than 10 times (normally will kick 1-2 times per hour, 12am-7am only will reduce), but today the baby is not that active suddenly, and it has been 7hours since 9am, baby only kick once, normal movement also not much... should i go check with doctor tomorrow? or is it normal....?

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I think it is better you go for checkup with doctor. It is really not good if the baby become inactive based on this article. Better be safe than sorry sis https://my.theasianparent.com/pergerakan-bayi-dalam-kandungan/?utm_source=search&utm_medium=app

It happen to me before..but then i consume some ice cream and cold food then she start to move again..sometimes i shake my tummy then she start to move actively again..maybe the baby is just sleeping 😁

update: i went to the gynae and checked already. doctor sqid that everything is ok, and baby alsogot response during checkup. doctor also said i can eat more food 😊

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Fuh, πŸ‘πŸ‘

U need to go hospital asap.ur baby maybe in distress.tell them ur baby not moving as much..they will perform a ctg on u and monitor ur baby

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I also have the same experience..but once i went to see doc, she star active back...like to makes me worried

I drink cold water to wake up the baby inside me.the baby will respond

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Go and check la sis , worry is something happen to the baby.

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how many weeks already?