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Habit suami
Betul ke ada kes bila isteri yg mengandung, suami yg mengidam macam-macam??
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ada je yang mcm ni tapi jarang.
Best gift for newborn
I would like to ask some recommendations on what gifts that is the moms want the most for their newborn? Trying to get the perfect gift for my cousin that just gave birth to baby girl yesterday 🥰😍😍
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Clothes but not newborns clothes. Better get bigger ones. 😜
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Diapers and wet wipes. Parents always need that. Better not to buy clothes.
Baby Gender
Anybody can give me some suggestions on how to try and guess the baby gender? 😍😍 Other than details scan of course hehe
Ada yg kata dari segi pemakanan kita. Banyak makan masin baby boy, makan manis baby girl. Lepastu muka breakout masa pregnant baby girl sebab baby tarik seri kita katanya. Kalau boy sebaliknya. Mostly
Baking soda and urine.check youtube! Just try for fun😄
Cuba sis tngok dlm youtube...ada org test gender baby guna air kencing ngn baking soda....klu brbuih bnyk mcm root bear tu xtau btl @ x....
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By looking at your belly's size sis! But I don't really trust it 😅 some says it's correct tho...