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how to count baby in my 30weeks and my baby is very active.i start counting at 9am and by 10am i finished all 10movements just like how my midwife thought me.i just did my appointment and a different midwife said my baby is too active and i might be counting it wrong .she said that if baby too active also no good. the kicks are strong and have like a gap of 1min. sometimes 5min gap. i notice my baby has been moving every like 10mins or so for the past 12 hours. is it normal? the movements are like till my belly move side to side.up and down. pushing movements. and sometimes it feels hard to breath. im so confused and worried. i do not want to lie abt my baby movements. i mean i can say that my baby done 10moves by 2pm even when he is super active. but i dont want cz it is true that he finish his 10movenments by 10am. any thoughts or advice?

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Tulis jawapan

baby movement count should be around 30 mins , u count as 1 kick (my practice). if the next 5 mins he kicks again i will not count. yes if too active also not good maybe something wrong inside

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Count the next kick after half an hour mom... 😁 One big kick per move.

5y ago

ok thanks😊😊😊