Did you get disappointed when you found out your baby’s gender is not what you’ve expected?

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Yes I was a little disappointed cos I was hoping for a girl for my 3rd baby. I had a girl and boy already. When I found out I am having a boy again, I felt disappointed but I tried not to let myself feel that way cos I was afraid that my baby will know that. Now when I look at him (he's 16mths now), I don't feel that way anymore. I love him so much and he's just a sweet cute little baby of mine. Every baby is precious!

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Yes i do get disappointed. But i always look on the bright side. I always wanted a girl so i could dress her up and family would be complete. But i ended up having another boy (elder was a boy) But there are so many good perks about having two boys! I don't have to get any more clothes as they are able to wear each other clothes. They able to bond together better. Despite not being twins, i can still dress them in the same colors!

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we don't always get what we want but sometimes it is what we need. I will have three girls and think they will be the best of friends. there is so much pressure from their grandparents to have a boy but I think my girls will be perfect and grandparents will just have to deal with it.

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mine was what i expected i was so happy will never forget that day💙💙

nope I should grateful because I get opportunity to be a mom .

no.whatever gender it is, it's God's blessing .

No I didn't .Baby is baby and blessing at the same time


Why be dissappointed when you are going to have an amazing cute human? Boy or Girl love my baby