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Mamas! Did you guessed your baby’s gender correctly? My instinct was a boy all these while but we are having a baby girl! Haha ?

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Heheheehehe. No we’ve never had to guess coz while we asked to know for the first, we did a Harmony test for the other 2 that followed. We kinda like to be prepared so we never really asked to be surprised.

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Same as you🙊🙈but it doesn’t matter as long as the baby is healthy ❤️..though little bit dissapointed cause my instinct was wrong 🤭 hehe

Had a feeling mine was a boy but i didnt want to disappoint my husband so kept quiet. At 15 weeks, the Dr revealed it’s really a Boy. 😂

2y ago


Me and hubby thought we're having girl but I've got a dream that I had a baby boy and then the test results came - a boy indeed 😊

Super Mum

Yup, guess correctly for the first one. Never guess the second one

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Not really.. i wanted a girl 👧 but we’re having a boy

Super Mum

for me, what i hoped for is not the same as instinct

Guessed it was a boy and it came out a boy...

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I was so sure its a girl but its a boy! Lol

I'm guess it correctly... It's a boy...