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Did you store your baby’s cord blood? Is it really necessary?

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Up to individual preference. Can use Cda account to pay and don't need to use cash. I signed up with cordlife for my baby because it will be good to "buy insurance" for my baby. Even if I donate and in future really require it will still not be immediate or 100% match for my baby because its not its own cord blood or stem...

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I didn't store it because I have a blood deficiency disorder, the cord blood is rendered almost useless because it would not be usable for anyone who doesn't have that same disorder. Also, the cost was just too much for us to handle at that time :/

I didnt but to give you more information maybe you can refer to the following link:


If you can afford it, you should definately go for it. This might help

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You can do it but the probability of the cord blood being used on your baby is extremely low. I donated since there's a higher chance of it being used.

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If I have excess funds, I might. Otherwise perhaps not, there’s many things to be considered

I did. It’s personally choice and to be discussed between u and your spouse.

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Nope, no point. Still a lot of research and room for improvement in this field.

Can donate to sg cord blood bank if don’t want to store.

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I didn’t. Depend if you have the Budget for it?