Will You Donate Your Cord Blood To Public Or Store In Private Cord Blood Banking?

Would like to know how many of you will donate cord blood to public or choose to store in private cord blood banking for own family use.

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I will me donating! To help save lives, in case one day shall we need it, we can go to the blood bank for help too, once a donor, retrieval will be complimentary should there be a suitable match. However they have strict checks to go thru, provided if yours fits the criteria. U may fill up the form online and the representatives will give u a call to explain further:)

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I was initially inclined towards donation, but decided to store it privately after realising that SCBB may discard the cord blood without notifying you if it didn't meet their standards (cell count etc). I went with cyroviva as they have a complimentary insurance to cover treatments regarding use of stem cells in the first 2 years of babys life.

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is there a public / government hospital cordblood banking to store ? instead of going private....

I store. After kids turn 12, I will donate to public

my first child I just give it to hospital only..

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I’m storing for my own use! Just in case.

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Storing both the cord blood and lining

Donate! Higher chance of being useful

Cordlife for 1st and donate for 2nd

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Store for 1st one with cord tissue