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Dear mothers, How do you make your baby sleep? My child is currently 6 weeks old. He needs to be carried and rock to sleep. Is there anyway I can make him sleep without carrying and rocking. I’ve read articles saying to put baby down while awake but drowsy and they will learn to fall asleep independently. This doesn’t seem to work? Once I put him down his eyes will be wide open. Any advice?

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My LO is 2 mths 11 days... Initially it started with the carrying and rocking. Today I tried to let him sleep on his own. So after his full feed we will do a burp and lay him in his playpen. Thankfully he falls alseep on his own through out the whole day. We have the radio on in the morning and TV till evening before he goes to his cot where he'll have his white noise on. Hopefully this will continue.

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Keep trying. For us the first 3 months was pretty much like that. We had to carry him to sleep and we continued doing that because they are small and needed the security. When he was slightly bigger at 3-4 months we started doing the put him down when he is drowsy, most of the time I it didn’t work but we didn’t carry him back up. He plays for a while and falls asleep thereafter.

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Mine also. He is 2month now. Needs to carry & rock in my arm to sleep. But at night, he is ok to sleep on his cot. Maybe can try yaolan? Or rocker? Mine can sleep on rocker in the day

My LO 2 months old same issue... My LO I have to carry until he deep sleep then can put down. If after he close eyes I straight away put down he will cry.

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Sometimes soft music helps in making babies sleep .. u hv to use one technique for longer period as the kids always adjust to repeated circle ..?

Same situation for my 6 wks lo. We use yaolan at night to rock him to sleep now. Once he is in deep sleep, will move him back to his crib.

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Repeat everyday religiously. For a week or 2.

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I used white noise

Have to keep trying. Mine could only stop carrying while sleeping at 4-5th mth. Don’t worry. After that he just suddenly sleep on his own without the need for me to pat and it all happens before he turns 1.