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Freezing Breastmilk
Has anyone ever freeze breastmilk that has been refrigerated overnight? If yes, how long can I keep the frozen breastmilk?
Fridge about 6mths
Refrigerator freezer -10 degree c , can store up to 6 months Refrigerator chiller -4 degree c , can store up to 5-7 days If you are putting at near the egg shelves area (fridge front door), max w
Sore Nipples
Anyone has difficulty carrying your lo due to sore nipples? His body or his leg presses against my clothes which causes friction with my nipples. What to do?
use breast pads? and nipple cream to moisturise
Anyone has red bumps on episiotomy stitches?
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Yes I had. It will slowly heal after few weeks. Doctor will also prescribe feminine wash and antibacterial powder for daily application.
Breastfeeding Is Stressful
Only manage to squeeze 30-40ml every pump though I pump every 2 - 3 hours. Stress!
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Latch and pump. It works in supply and demand. Initially stage its not easy at all. You need to stay firm and strong to go thru this part and it will be easier in future.
I face some problem in giving breast milk to my lo. She Tends To vomit out after drinking bm? But She Seems okay with formula. Anyone has same problem? Is she used to formula and does not want bm? I
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Fed is best dear! It was really stressful for me too! But don't give up, just keep on latching! It will get easier.. just keep trying and I read online that the amount of milk pumped out does not equ
I feel you! I was stress too esp on the 1st month but I guess its alright not to have a lot of breast milk. So I told myself it's okay to give fm too. So currently giving my LO both bm and fm.
Hang in there! Here is an article that can help with milk supply.
Nipple Blister
Anyone breastfeeding has this issue? I have blisters on both side of my breast!! Painful when touched and especially when latching.
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I did and currently experience it right now
Yes I had before. I mixed feed. I had to stop a few days to let it recover (it bleeds a little) on either one my breasts. So I have to latch one side. Apply breast milk / nipple cream on your nipple
Episiotomy Stitches
My Episiotomy stitches still bleeding after 11 days!! This is stressing me a lot as I cant move much.
Oh dear. Please make a appointment and give a check. Or go hospital immediately It shouldn’t be bleeding for so many days .
Anyone was induced at wk40? Did you end up csect? My gynae recommended me to be induced next Monday which is exactly wk40. But my mom keeps on asking me to wait.
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I induced on week 40+1 which I have appt on that day. I still deliver naturally.
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Have the same dilemma. Am due next wk too. wanted to wait till baby is ready but gynae mentioned the risks are higher thn benefits if i wait. 😣
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I was induced at almost 42wks .but natural birth .
ya i was induced and the Gayne was right baby quite big dilated only 2cm in 10 hours
See another gynae for advise
Wk39. Not dilated at all.
Gynae said, by this time, should be dilated bit by bit but mine totally not dilated. Anyone experience the same?
Yes I experienced it for my first child, u have another week to go, during this time can do some gentle exercise like walking but don't get over anxious, need to relax your mind as stress will also ma
Same. In the end still gotta c sec out
Wall more, more intercourse and squats! Works for me and I was alrdy 3cm dilated at exactly 39 weeks.
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Still have a week time. Walk abit more
Still have one week. Try do some yoga
Pelvic Check
Anyone felt pain when gynae doing pelvic check to see if you are dilated? I felt pain when gynae inserted 2 fingers. Im going to 38 weeks now.
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Yup, definitely will
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Yes, it’s normal.
Anyone getting haircut before giving birth/ during pregnancy?
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I trim shorter but still at the length that i can bun up!
Yes, I Cut it short!
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I'm considering whether to cut.
Yes, I cut my hair during my pregnancy:)
Yes why not