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Hi can i know how do i get to train my 6 month old to sleep by himself. He does not know how to self soothe and wants only me to put him to sleep. I will need to rock and cradle him till he falls asleep. Sometimes it will take about 20 mins for him to fall asleep. After putting him down for a bout 20 mins he will wake up and i have to rock and cradle him again. Its really tiring and now if i were to put him in infant care i dont know how the teacher would manage this. Since birth he is fussy baby and having reflux and gassy stomach which is why i will need to rock and cradle him to sleep. How do i stop all this rocking and cradle cause i try to put him down n pat him to sleep but doesn't work for him. Any advice?

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Send him to sch. You will be surprised how babies can change when they’re in different environment. There are a few methods to do it (fb has a group called sleep training). Firstly, the patting timing needs to stop gradually. Start with no rocking, only pat in bed. Slowly cut from 20mins pat and leave. Then slowly cut to pat 15mins and leave. Use a baby monitor to monitor baby’s cries. I use sleep props (pacifier, older-a pillow/soft toy). I do night routines since birth and you can try it too. Soft music, off lights, milk, sleep within 5 mins no fuss, no patting, no rocking. If he’s fussy, I will carry and hug then I leave in cot and leave the room.

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4y ago

Ok will try that out. Thks mummy