My son needs to be carried to sleep and continued to be carried while sleeping.. if not, he will wake up when we put him down. Thinking of getting him a yao lan.. In honest opinion, which is worse? carrying him to sleep or putting him in yao lan?

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how old is your son ? i swaddle my lo until she is abt 5 months old becos she would jump up whenever we try to put her down on the bed. my first kid sleeps in yaolan. but as time goes by , he demand more n more . from yaolan til yaolan must be moving all the time (after that we bought the auto one) to he must see someone there at the yaolan , til he must have someone there singing while moving the yaolan . until he went to CC , it got worse as in nap time he cant sleep without yaolan .

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11mo ago

I know it’s 6 years ago post. But my baby has similar one as yours, auto yaolan, goes IFC now at coming 5 months and sleeps poorly there. Recently discover he can sleep more on me than yaolan (30min). How did he progress in IFC? Thanks!

My son too, even now. He's 15 months. I tends to pat pat him & sing when i am putting him down as when putting him down he will feel insecure for a moment, so when he hears my voice, he will be more calm & let me put him down.