How do you put your baby to sleep?

Hello mums out there, does anyone mind sharing how do you put your baby to sleep? Also, when do you start sleep training your baby? My boy is 3months old and usually requires me to carry and walk around to make him fall asleep. Sometimes i have to even shake him while walking. Whenever, i place him down on his cot he cries out loud instantly. As there are many old sayings that says if you carry and shake them all the time, they will get too used to it. Thanks in advance! 👶🏻 #firstbaby #pleasehelp

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I was in your position once and I can’t do anything else! I use Yaolan and then fix my baby’s sleep schedule! Cause before Yaolan she only cat naps! So I use Yaolan and force one long 2-3 hours nap! So ever since she have one long nap everyday and that nap I will not anyone interrupt because the one who suffer and have to deal with crankiness is us mom Used to it then used to it I will retaliate with “how long more will they even want to be carried? In a blink of an eye they’ll be grown up!” My baby girl started walking at 9 months! Now dont want to be carried already!

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I agree with that! These “carrying” momebts are precious :) thanks for the advice!