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hi, currently i’m giving my mum money monthly ever since i started work. she says she will help to look after my baby after i go back to work. what is a reasonable amount of $ or % to top up for her labour? i have also employed a maid as don’t want her to overwork. so part of my monthly budget is already spent.

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Exact amount depends on discussion with you and hubby and you and your mum. If u already have a good relationship with her, be open to such discussion, I believe your mum would appreciate your heart to provide more for her expenses. Just a thought, if she commutes to your house daily, give at least enough to cover her commute and food if she has to eat out as she isn't able to cook on her own.

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See your budget. I think if you really have no spare or got other considerations, parents wont be too particular about the additional amount. Another $200 will be good too.

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According to yr affordability... If u alrdy hired a maid for the purpose of taking care of yr child, i wouldnt pay higher amt that i alrdy paid for the maid mthly..

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I will topup for the expenses that my mom might incur for the childcare like Transport or groceries. As she is ur mom after all, can give what you can afford

My MIL is helping me wif the baby and i actually dun need to pay her cuz she said its her grandchild. I just gave her like $50 and she doesnt complain.

I give extra $200. As I still paying my house) : . But can say the $200 is buy my child food

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If you also have a helper maybe you can pay your mom around $300...?

Whatever you can afford. She's your mum, not your maid after all