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mommies, would you rather be working after your maternity or resign your job just to stay with your little one? I feel like if I go to work, I will miss the milestones of my baby and will be terribly missing her.. my mil volunteer to take care the baby while I go to work.. but she said I must take a maid to help her with the chores as she cant handle as a single person.. while me and husband thinks that it is waste money spending for a maid. Apart of me suggested that I should stop working and taking care of my daughter..

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I believe your girl will show off to you her milestone. I happen to be on mc today and she show off to me 3 of her new milestone. U may want to sit down and discuss with ur hub the opportunity cost there when u quit ur job. Maid is a luck thing. If u get a good maid it will be a great help cause frankly its very tiring to tc of a nb and still have to do housework and stuff. Having a maid will be a big relief for ur mil. She's not young anymore. Tc of a nb will take a toll on her body.

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Depends on your finances and how comfortable you are with a maid staying together. First year is very precious as you learn how to bond with each other, get used to feeding habits etc. Staying at home ensures that you can easily breastfeed her when necessary, attend to her needs, hear her cries and giggles, see how she grows stronger each day... Allows you to capture all her first - time movements and activities. They're very beautiful memories :)

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I quit my job because I do not want to miss any of my boy milestones. My parents were not with me when I was a Child. I hate that feeling. if you can afford a maid, you should get one and help your Mil. it's not easy to take care of baby and do housework.

having a maid really big difference. the chores etc.. maybe can consider hiring maids from Myanmar to help your mil. Around 580$ monthly and plus apply for fdw grant still got 120$ which makes the total of only 460$ monthly

it's up to your comfort. i personally don't work and i used to wish i go to work just to get away from all the cries and tantrum. but now i enjoy the time i spend at home with bb and wish i nv have to go to work! haha

It depends solely on your comfort level and finances. For me personally, I am going to take care of my baby till he is 1 year old and then send to infant care after that. I don't want to miss his first milestones:)

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If u r a baby person and financially sound. I tink it’s ok for u to take care of ur LO. Coz not everyone likes to take care of babies.

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If given a very strong financial standing, I would choose to resign just to take care of my lo for the first 2 to 3 years. :)