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Anyone can give me some advice pls. I'm a first time mum. Due to my MIL cant cope w my currently 9m baby alone, i took a maid since Aug. Her current duties is to take care of my baby, feed, bathe, play etc and house chorse Wake up at 6am, sleep at 10pm (almost daily i let her in by 8plus or 9plus PM). She doesn't have to cook at all. However i feel like whenever im back home from work she is busy doing something but when i look at the CCTV in the afternoon she is having her rest like 1 hr or so (which idm as long as work is done). I believe i gave my helper a lot of freedom as she is free to use her phone (she doesn't use during work which is really good) , able to rest if she is tired, able to eat any timing and even with us. (After all she is a human too right) Do u give your helper a rest in the afternoon? What time do they wake up and sleep?

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Yes having an afternoon nap is ok. As I gave my helper rest too in the afternoon usually no fixed timing and yes my helper eats whatever we eat too. Just be wary about the handphone, to give limit to using it and set some ground rules. Some might get influenced by their friends and family. As taking care of one child is considered easy compared to taking care of multiple children.

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Of course they need rest po, as long as it doesn't affect their work it's completely fine.